Visit to Third Hospital

After Seminar to Dept of Pharmacy - Third Hospital

On June 9th, I was invited by the Director and Vice Director of the Department of Pharmacy, Professors Suodi Zhai and Yiheng Yang to provide a seminar on clinical pharmacy practice and to visit Third Hospital.

Present in this picture are pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, the Vice-Director, and students.

Third Hospital - Signs for the Dept of PharmacyPharmacy Building - Third Hospital


Clinical Pharmacy in China

Department of Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University HSC.

Department of Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy

On June 2, 2011 Diane Burgess and I met with some of the members of the Department of Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy to present on the role of clinical pharmacy in the U.S. and discuss possible collaborative projects. Currently, Professor Lu-wen Shi, Vice president of Peking University Health Science Center, serves as Department Chair. The Department consists of 9-full time faculty and approximately 100 part-time faculty from 14 hospitals and different government departments. In addition, there are 5 affiliated hospitals, 4 teaching hospitals and 4 cooperated hospitals that serve as clinical pharmacy teaching bases to pharmacy students and pharmacists.

Right to left: Professor Lu-wen Shi, Vice president of Peking Univ HSC and Department Chair, Professors Diane Burgess, Fei Wang, Xiao hui Xie, Xiao-Yan Nie, and Tian-Sheng Wang.

Clinical Pharmacy education in China is a very recent development. The Ministry of Education has approved an entry-level professional degree of master and/or doctor in clinical pharmacy similar to the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree in the United States. Peking University school of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a pioneer and leading the way to being one of the first schools in China to implement the Pharm.D. program starting Fall 2011. For more on this topic please refer to Professor Nie’s excellent paper published in AJPE 2008;72(6) Article 129.  

Closing Ceremony – June 17, 2011

Morning Closing Ceremony

Our UConn Pharmacy Study Abroad students officially graduated on friday June 17. The ceremonial day began with presentation of TCM certificates by Associate Dean Zhao of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Students presented with Certificates by Dean Zhao and Professor Yang, June 17

This was followed by a totally unexpected farewell “party”  held in honor of our UCONN students, organized by the School of Foundation Education (our Mandarin teacher, Ding LaoShi’s dept) The party was hosted by professors Li Yanfeng (Dennis) and Wu Zhaoxia (Jenny) who are fluent in English. A number of Departments were represented (i.e. Department of Applied Linguistics and Physical Education). The Chinese faculty and students performed singing, dancing, and martial arts. Our American students sang their Chinese revolutionary song “Dong fung hong, tai yang sheng” “The east is red, the sun is rising”; All glory, laud, and honor; and a Mandarin skit performed by Celeste Karpow, Vijay Godsay, and Ruchita Bhgat. The party ended all too quickly with our students presenting the party organizers with flowers to show them our appreciation of all their effort on our behalf.

Farewell in honor of UConn students hosted by the School of Foundation Education

Evening Closing Banquet

The closing banquet was hosted by us at the “Masters Inn” located on the PUHSC campus. All teachers and graduate students who were involved in the teaching of the TCM and Mandarin classes were invited. We had a private room reserved for us. Altogether, there were 20 people present  to partake of the sumptious feast laid before us. We ended the banquet with closing remarks made by Becky Smith and Celeste Karpow who presented notable highlights of their 5 week experience and made us all laugh very hard but also feeling sad at the ending. Very thoughtful gifts and cards to the teachers from our students were exchanged and we ended the finale of the evening with some more singing by our students and Tai Chi lead by Professor Yang.

Closing Banquet - June 17

Left to right: Back row; Associate Dean Zhao, Ding Laoshi, Professor Zhang, Emily Lau, Celeste Karpow, Becky Smith, Vijay Godsay; 2nd row: Professor Li, Sherry Lu, Christina Ricci; Front row: Professor Wang, Ruchita Bhagat, Montanna Paulhus, Michelle, Jack (Chinese grad students), Chelsey Varghese, Professor XiaoYan Nie, and XiaoFei Lee

Closing Banquet - Tai Chi after dinner with Professor Yang

Retrospectively, a group of our more adventurous students suffering from “insomnia” and perpetual “hunger” went to a 24-hour dim sum restaurant and feasted until 3 AM in the morning. Good thing, I didn’t know of this before hand. I might have had to accompany them and spoil their fun…..

Chinese Communist Party 90th Anniversary Celebration

With the approach of July 1, the date when the Communist Party of China was founded in Shanghai in 1921, the red song phenomenon has spread throughout the nation to mark its 90th anniversary. On the campus of Peking University’s Health Science Center, faculty and students from many different schools and health-system disciplines competed in a “red song” competition culminating on the evening of June 16 after many months of hard work and practice. 

The UConn students and I were invited by our Mandarin Teacher, Ding Laoshi and the Dean of the Linguistic School, to participate in the celebratory events taking place this evening as their guests. Below are some photos of the gorgeous cosutumes, singing and dancing of different competing universities and hospitals. By the way, the Linguistic School came in second place – hurrah for Ding Laoshi and his Department!

Masters of Ceremony

UCONN Students as Guests of Honor - front row seats for us!

I cannot attach any more pictures on this posting – check out a 2nd posting with more photos ops.

90th Anniversary of Chinese Communist Party – More Photos

Mao Tse Tung and Chao En lai represented by the School of Foundation Education

The School of Foundation Education – our host of the evening performing onstage for the celebration and competition. They came in 2nd place – hurrah!!!

90th Chinese CP Performance, June 16 2011


Mongolia represented-China has 56 Minority NationalitiesPolice Academy representedBreakdancing anyone?